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Consultation & Research:

we are ready to provide professional advice and information regarding any of your networking / computer needs.


Instant Computer Monitoring & Control with Recorded Monitoring & Security; which includes an instant employee computer monitoring & control from business owner or manager ,which helps in employee assessment (What your employees are actually doing!)

This system integrates with recorded monitoring to store email, internet, and documents activity for the monitored PC. This system helps you keep an eye on your business while you are away.

The system runs in stealth mode, and cannot be detected, accessed, or stopped without administrator permission.


Implementing Computer Monitoring Solution will give you the following advantages:

  1. Expanding management / employee trust relation ship while no suspicions occur regarding PC utilization.
  2. Enhancing levels of credibility.
  3. Strengthening management while being away.
  4. Enhancing business power.
  5. Reducing the risk of transferring business secrets to competitors.
  6. Increasing work efficiency by controlling internet browsing.
  7. Obtaining file and document tracing to know which file is sent or handled.
  8. Securing your data from being distributed without your approval (stolen data)
  9. Remote-Control and Shut-down of any suspicious computer
  10. Send instant messages and notifications to all computers.
Providing corrective action in a planed way, either by reward or punishment.

Computer Security:

Implementing security using either security policies or third party security applications, to protect the system from planned or unplanned sabotage. This system secures your operating system's settings and also your private files from modification, deletion, and distribution.

Internet Control & Connection Management (ADSL):

Most companies claim uncontrolled ADSL download & upload operations. By using our solution, problem is no more annoying because the internet connection is controlled according to the company policy; therefore internet performance is gained effectively.

This service protects your ADSL bandwidth from misuse by assigning each workstation a pre-defined download quota, which if exceeded, will trigger a speed-limiting protocol on the specific workstation, without affecting the rest of the network.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery:

which includes system business data backup operations according to specific backup plans and methodologies, in addition to email automatic backup features.

This solution gives you the ability to restore any machine (server or workstation) to its last fully operational state within a few minutes!


We offer Copy-Protection for your software discs. This ensures the safe and controlled distribution of your company-issued discs, whatever the type of data is on the disc itself.