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ITcon PIP (Post-Installation Package):

Save yourself the time- and money-consuming process of installing dozens of programs manually onto your company computers, by using our Post-Installation Package Service.

This service lets you bundle all your desired programs, service packs and system-tweaks into one efficient and attractive CD/DVD, fully customizable with your company logo and information.

The Post-Install packages could be run either directly after Windows-Installation (and can be actually bundled with your desired Windows OS) or separately at a later time as chosen by the company. This will ensure the correct installation of only the exact versions of programs/updates you wish on your company computers.

The installation process is fully automated by default, no user interaction is needed: Just insert the CD/DVD into the computer and it will work based on a pre-defined installation policy.

Of course, you can also manually control which programs you want to add/remove from the installation.
You can customize each and every aspect of the package, ranging from the location and order in which programs are installed, the specific components of each program, the appearance of the package (your logos and company information, color, font, size, etc) and many more!

Also; we offer copy-protection on the package which will ensure that your company programs will not be distributed without your permission.

Copy-Protection keeps your media safe from CD/DVD-burning software which can be used to illegally distribute your company software.
Combine all your favorite program into one self-installing bundle with our Package Service!

CRM (Customer Relations Management):

CRM gives you the ability to tailor your activities according to specific customer needs and keep track of all your customers in an organized, secure, and easy-to-access way.

CRM enables you to stay in touch with your head office and your clients even if you are on the other side of the world!

By using the built-in service, you can now synchronize your PocketPC or PalmOS device with your company database through the internet, to get a complete and detailed view of your appointments, activities, customers, and any other detail you wish for.

With CRM automatic database synchronization, your customer database will always be up-to-date across all company workstations, with no space for employee-related errors.